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I'm a dandere wolf girl ASMRtist on YouTube and Twitch who tells stories and helps people to relax and give tingles ^w^ My dream is to become a full time asmr artist some day and creative writer! I love what I do very much and wanna spend as much time making content for you as I can. Awooo~

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Tip by Jasmine December 13 2018

Merry early Christmas Amy!!!

Tip by Will Schroder December 6 2018

I love your videos, this is for the Christmas commissions you're doing. The details should be in the email you gave us. Ɛ>

Tip by SolarLoki December 5 2018

So the idea is a "Santa visiting on Christmas eve" kind of thing. The listener's little sister is cuddling with them so there would be a constant and gentle breathing background sound for the whole time. A few minutes later there is the sound of gentle footsteps. The listener wakes up to find that it's a wolf girl Santa. After that they spend some time talking quietly, probably about whether the younger sister was being nice all year and things like that. Then once the wolf girl Santa leaves, the younger sister wakes up and asks what happens and finds out that Santa came through the house. Then they go back to sleep. Feel free to take some creative liberties on this.

Tip by Eloso95 November 9 2018

Forgot to put my name lol still heres my support and also the tip before was me to just didn't put the name.

Tip by Anonymous November 9 2018

Just started listening to ur videos and already a patreon so I'll just tip for very good videos and cute voice acting of a cute wolf.

Tip by Divalxluna October 5 2018

For the cutie wolfgirl who gives tingles x3

Tip by Slicky September 28 2018

just thought I would give you what I got left in my bank before I get more money in it since you will probs find a better way to use it that I can x3 and you deserve it a lot more than me <3