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With a Terrible Fate

  New Hampshire

Thank you so much for considering contributing to With a Terrible Fate. Our mission is to give gamers new tools for understanding and appreciating video games as a form of storytelling. Thus far, our content has primarily long-form, extremely analytical and precise articles discussing both the stories of particular video games, and also the storytelling of video games more generally. We've also presented our work at venues like PAX Australia, PAX East, PAX West, Harvard, and the British Society of Aesthetics. We believe that it's absolutely crucial to understand the stories of video games on a new level. People are increasingly engaging with video games rather than traditional media like books. Learning how to seriously understand video games as stories, then, can allow us all to discover some of the deepest and richest themes that stories can offer us within the code of video games.

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Excellent writeup

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Keep up the exceptional work!