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  Texas, US

Hobbyist Game Developer. Created Star Wars Armada mod and X-wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster mod for Tabletop Simulator

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Tip by Anonymous March 30 2018

pie. mmm.

Tip by Anonymous March 29 2018

Thanks for your time and support

Tip by David January 20 2018

All the scripting you've done for the TTS Hotac board is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Tip by Nathan Moomaw January 11 2018

Your Armada mod for TTS is great. Thanks!

Tip by Brian B January 7 2018

Awesome mod, thanks so much!

Tip by Anonymous December 20 2017
Tip by Anonymous November 27 2017
Tip by BlackArmor August 29 2017

Great job on Armada. I've never played it but your mod is giving me to means to learn, and the scripting is very helpful. Thanks

Tip by Dudley_Bose July 21 2017

Awesome work man. Can't wait for Wave 6 to get implemented.

Tip by teeseeuu July 12 2017