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UltraViolet Uforia

  Sammamish, WA

For 15 of those years UltraViolet Uforia played covers of favorite bands like "Grateful Dead" and "Pink Floyd" along with their original music. Now for the past few years the originators Michael Canary and Steven Webb have taken the band in a different direction. Dropping the traditional 5 piece act uVu has shifted to become and electronic duo. Forging the classic rock past with the likes of "Jean-Michel Jarre" and "Depeche Mode" to create the modern psy-trance sound that is the band today. A friend of the band summed up the description of the music on this album and the new sound of the band with one word "Hypnotic".

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Tip by Steve July 13 2018

No, I really mean it!

Tip by Steve July 13 2018

I love uVu!