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I am a swing trader. I stopped the live note/trade that I used to do because I don't have time for it and I don't want to feel obligate to. I will continue to share free ideas on ST but will not put the time to show detailed charts. This tip account will be open indefinitely for some who really enjoyed the posts and would like to contribute to the twitter... :) I am on stocktwits under Follow me on FB @ if you would like to stay in touch.

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Tip by DeeJhay aka Hotcheetohstakis (stocktwits) December 20 2017

Thank you for your help, im slowly coming back- more will be coming your way once more income comes in. Here's 10% from EBIO

Tip by Anonymous December 8 2017

just came across you on ST today. Saw some of your post and appreciate what you are doing. Just a small gesture to start. I have been negative on my portfolio since I started. Would definitely give back more when I start making some money. Cheers

Tip by Van thank you June 6 2017

Van, thanks for your great tips. God bless, Grant

Tip by Anonymous June 2 2017

Thank you for the useful posts on ST. I'd appreciate access to the live trades, technical analysis techniques, private chat, etc. Thanks again!

Tip by Anonymous May 22 2017

Keep up the good work!

Tip by Max May 22 2017

Thanks for helping to learn! Happy to pay your phone bill and even happier to feed the kids of vietnam! (email:

Tip by Sal verini May 22 2017
Tip by Anonymous May 22 2017

can you send me the link for live trades thanks

Tip by Anonymous May 22 2017
Tip by Chris May 22 2017

Thank you for all the clarity and thought put into all of your work.