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Tim Green


I'm a software developer, mainly interested in games. By day I work at a proper game studio. By night I do weird stuff like an editor for Steam's local data (renaming games locally, etc)

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Tip by Anonymous May 12 2019


Tip by Icy November 26 2017

Here's a little tip for your work. Have a nice day.

Tip by Randall Petersen August 27 2017

SteamEdit is exactly what I was looking for, after the jackasses at Valve pointlessly disabled our ability to edit the appinfo.vdf file. Hopefully your editor will continue to function for years to come.

Tip by Throutle May 19 2017

Your tool is great, and we (me and Guevara) think what now is no need to resurrect SteamRoller, because Your tool is obviusly better. Thank You again.

Tip by Anonymous May 13 2017