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The Shining 2:37 Podcast

  New York, NY

This is a weekly podcast that analyzes Kubrick's masterpiece, The Shining, in 2 minute and 37 second chunks. Lots of special guests.

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The Shining 2:37 Podcast's Recent Tips

Tip by Kevin Connell March 16 2019

Thank you, caretaker!

Tip by David Wahl March 16 2019

Thank you so much! I am tempted to try and say something profound, but instead, I'll just say I really enjoyed hanging out with you and your guests. I think I've talked back to this podcast more than any other. Can't wait for Rosemary's Baby.

Tip by Richard Sales March 13 2019

Suzen I am on my feet applauding your entire series. So brilliant, so brave, so sharp and so funny. Standom can be a little chilly but I feel you flew the flag for Shelley and there can't be enough of that. I hope your stellar guests towards the end attract interest for the series. Take this token of my esteem and good luck with Rosemary.

Tip by Tomas Ponce March 12 2019

I watched The Shining after having become very familiar with the Simpsons "Shinning" episode. I like sharing my memory from when I first watched "The Shining". I was about 15 years old and my parents were out on a Friday night while I was at home babysitting my grandpa (he spent the evening in his own room watching his own TV). I watched "The Shining" alone in my family room on Encore while eating a Stouffer's Lasagna. I'll never forget the experience. It became and has remained my favorite movie of all time. This podcast is outstanding.

Tip by Dave Finn March 8 2019

Have enjoyed this show from the beginning, but these last few episodes have been off-the-charts great. Congratulations on finding your way out of the hedge-maze!

Tip by Evan Kendal February 24 2019

Love the show, wish I could have supported earlier. Your latest guests are amazing! Who's gonna be last? Shelly? Jack? Stanley back from the grave? Stephen King maybe? Keep up the good work, looing forward to Rosemary's Baby.

Tip by Hannah Bleier February 20 2019
Tip by Brian Mahoney February 18 2019

Just listened to your the Lee Unkrich episode. Ridiculously cool. Thank you!!!

Tip by Mike Healy February 15 2019
Tip by Nate February 10 2019

Suzen, thanks for all of the hard work and time you've put into this project. Every show has had wonderful and insightful guest(s), great job!