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The Ood Cast


Hello. We're the Ood Cast. We're a Doctor Who podcast. And we get it, there are approximately 10 quintillion podcasts about Doctor Who currently recording content and another one flares into existence every 0.001 seconds - so why choose us over a galaxy of other podcasters? Here are 3 reasons: 1. WE'RE POSITIVE We aren't going to tear the show apart. We love Doctor Who and are only really interested in talking about the bits we love. 2. WE'RE CREATIVE We write sketches, short stories and poems inspired by the latest episodes. 3. WE'RE MUSICAL Virtually every episode contains a parody song performed by our resident chanteuse Laura Mead. So there we go. We're the Ood Cast. We want to reflect the joyous chaotic glory of Doctor Who through laughter, rhyme and song. Join us.

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Tip by Annette Bjorking August 6 2018

hello dear and very-much-missed Oods, Thank you for posting the last album! (...I have been waiting sooo patiently, I already forgot I was still waiting... ;-) Looking forward to listening now :-) Have a fabulous summer. best wishes and love to you all.