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The GASP Podcast

  Hollywood, CA

A new podcast featuring celebrity interviews, comedic ramblings, and GASP inducing tales! Every Tuesday! Fill out your name (optional) and we can thank you on the show! Listen to us on iTunes or on!

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The GASP Podcast's Recent Tips

Tip by Jessica March 4 2018

I really enjoy the podcast. I look forward to it every two weeks.

Tip by Tamika December 21 2017

Happy Holidays to the both of you!

Tip by Tonya Harding, Jr. December 21 2017

Merry Christmas, tricks!

Tip by Rose December 20 2017

Hello from the UK! Thank you for making this lovely podcast! Every episode is a little Hollywood holiday away from the horrible things in this world. You are an oasis in a sea of straight-white-cis-dude podcasts and I am grateful for you. Long may The Gasp continue!

Tip by Jon Sparks December 8 2017

Woo hoo! Happy one year anniversary. Thank you for the past year of fun and laughter. You always brighten my day. Love Mama Lou Sole

Tip by Tamika Paul November 3 2017
Tip by Tamika Paul October 22 2017

Hello to you both. I just wanted to say something real quick before I either forget or just click the 'send tip' button. But I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with a little bit of joy and laughter. These past couple of months have been absolutely terrible for me and my family. Due to this, we have had to make dramatic changes to our lifestyle and find ways to cope with what is happening to us with an escape. I have turned to multiple forms of entertainment in order to escape the hard times, I feel as though you discover television shows, movies and Podcasts when you feel as though you need them the most. I stumbled upon this Podcast and I am so fortunate that I did. It makes me happy and makes me laugh out loud. Despite everything happening, I feel as though I can listen to you both and I can forget whatis happening around me. Once more, thank you both for shedding light on a dark time in my life. I

Tip by Tamika Paul October 17 2017
Tip by Bill McCabe October 2 2017

Hi Guys. I fucking love the podcast. Been listening from the beginning. The episodes on recovery have especially been inspiring. Keep up the good work! Sorry it's not much but it's all I can afford right now. Sending love, Bill

Tip by Jon Sparks May 23 2017

Much Love. Mama Lu Soul!