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Christine and Kinetic Rebirth

Hi there! I'm Christine McDonnell, and I write YA Fantasy novels and short stories. I currently am looking to publish the first in a series of books (The "Kinetics" trilogy) dedicated entirely to my best friend, JV, who was taken from this earth earlier this year WAY too soon. She actually was the real life person who I crafted as one of my heroes in this series, being as true to the person she was since I knew her. Self-publishing is quite a monster, especially when it comes to finances. Any help would be appreciated, because this book has a set release of October 19th, 2017, as that is the day our friendship started, over forum-based roleplaying with mutual friends. This series is my ultimate dedication to JV, and once the first book gets published this October, it will also be a form of closure for me. Miss ya, girlie. <3

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I think of her often.

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