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Taylor Krasna

  United States

Entertainer, Trainer, Future Prez. Please note that you can choose to enter more than the options listed. Most importantly, thank you. All of you who DO something about appreciating, are the reason I am able to give you something to appreciate.

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Tip by GST May 3 2019
Tip by Anonymous April 25 2019

She say that she a wanderlust

Tip by Rob April 19 2019

Food for Tay

Tip by John Ripley April 13 2019

Hi, I was just in your room and saw the snap offer, however I was unable to purchase enough to get it, dumb MFC cap. Saw these links and thought maybe I could get it here? If not read your goal and wanted to contribute anyway. If that isn't enough please let me know.

Tip by GST April 12 2019

I appreciate you Tay

Tip by Hai March 17 2019

Because you are amazing!

Tip by Anonymous March 16 2019

Just because

Tip by TheDumbDumb March 6 2019

I found these and wanted to gives em to you because you're amazing!

Tip by Dumpster guy March 4 2019

Hai I found more of dis, figured you could has it because you is purty

Tip by You know who March 4 2019

Founds these and wanted to gives them to you. because you is nice!