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  Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.

I am autistic and a MMD addict. Everyday I make different types of MMD videos from very simple to somewhat complex. I am still a beginner and could use some help as to how to do more complex animation that cannot be found in a website filled with motion data. If anyone is interested in my work so far visit my website. As usual, because of copyright laws, I donot own any models, stages, motion data, music, or even the software. I just make how what it to look like. In a sense, what i do is a form of appropriation and I want the whole world to see. My comic has recently gotten well over 200,000 views and counting. I would very much like to get it published and use funding from supporters for projects like getting a game made for it and some promotional merchandise.

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swordsman9 April 17 2017

Here you go mate. Hope dis helpz. — JonBladen

swordsman9 April 16 2017
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Here you are man — Rubiks1994