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Jump into the gripping world of The Dawn Chronicles: Panacea and get carried away by magic. In a captivating tale of magic, mystery, family, and friendship, follow the adventures of Dawn Ambrose as she attempts to overcome the great curse that has befallen her land. Brought to you by author S. T. Whitenight, The Dawn Chronicles: Panacea is now being released chapter by chapter every Tuesday and Friday for free! Support the author by becoming a patron. Not only will you support the release of his first published work, but you will be supporting the creation of the upcoming Grimelda Grave: First Curse, another magic tale set in an enchanting world. With your support, readers will have the chance to discover the world of Grimelda Grave and follow her on an adventure to find the source of the dark magic now plaguing her land as she learns to wield her powerful magic lest others become aware of the strange forces at play.

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