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First of all, thank you everyone who is considering donating! I appreciate each and everyone of you! Over the past year, I have gone from relatively obscure blogger to having a large following on both Tumblr and Wordpress as well as launching the highly successful Autism-Asks blog where myself and a team of mods answer questions about autism. As I have become more involved with blogging and answering questions, this has turned into a full time job, on top of my day job. I love what I do, but as a multiply disabled person married to another multiply disabled person, we struggle to make ends meet. As such, I've decided to start a TipJar so that those who appreciate my work can give back and help two disabled people afford to live.

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Tip by sam July 18 2017

thanks so much for all you do and the time you put into helping other autistic/otherwise neurodivergent people. your insight has helped me so much. i hope i can donate more in the future.

Tip by thispandaisconfused May 29 2017

Thanks for all the amazing work you do for the autistic community on Tumblr. You've helped so many people including me. You are an inspiration. Sorry I can't give more but I hope this helps.