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Stevin McNamara

  Asland Oregon

Stevin McNamara has been playing and recording music for over 40 years. He is in the unique position of being an accomplished Composer/Musician and a Recording Engineer. Born in South Africa, Stevin started learning piano and guitar at the age of seven.At the age of twenty one, Stevin moved to the United States, where he had more formal training at Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass. In the late seventies, after spending considerable time as a session musician in recording studios, Stevin became fascinated with what was happening on the "other side of the glass", namely the recording process itself. This passion developed into a highly successful career as an audio engineer. Stevin has worked with well- known producers such as Robert John "Mutt" Lange and a huge spectrum of recording artists from Paul Winter to Tina Turner- from Bryan Adams to Zakir Hussein.

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