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i draw things and write things and spend 98% of my time yelling excitedly.

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Tip by Someone who hopes that they'll you back October 23 2017

Hang in there :)

Tip by xdraconianx October 11 2017

its not much but its important to eat your vegetable so heres for all of the pain and joy youve brought. its seriously incredible we get to read your work for free

Tip by Head Pats and Cool Hats October 11 2017

Vanessa told me her boys need meds and food and so do you. There is no price to put on the love and support and laughter you give me. Consider this a thank you gift - or a super late birthday present if "thank you" makes you uncomfortable. Just know I cannot wrap my head around how much you've helped me. Thank you for everything, I (uh I mean Vanessa) will help when I can.

Tip by A Shy Friend October 11 2017

Sexy mechanic Usnavi would not want you to struggle with overdraft charges even if you did make Jason strangle him that one time. <3

Tip by Enigmairi October 10 2017
Tip by Grace Kiwisatsuma October 10 2017
Tip by Saltykrispycake October 10 2017

I hope that your situation will get better soon!

Tip by Kait October 10 2017
Tip by Enigmairi July 8 2017

Happy graduation!

Tip by Alex July 7 2017

Like I said before, I know jack about either ITH or DNH but I'm super enjoying your poly mashup :)