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  Philippines (home of the Nutshack)

I'm an artist looking forward to get payed for doing what i love

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Tip by Smorgasbord March 12 2018

draw bri dressed up as beetlejuice gay boy

Tip by Anon February 24 2018

Someone was rude as hell to you today, and you don't deserve that

Tip by Mswati III January 15 2018

wishing you luck my dude

Tip by Anonymous January 15 2018
Tip by Jake Canyon Zimmerle January 15 2018
Tip by Mswati III November 19 2017

Really enjoy your work, man. Hope this is enough for your pen display

Tip by Anonymous November 13 2017

I want to prove that Anon wrong. His "everything is free so talented people don't deserve shit" mentality needs to die and the one way to make sure it dies is to support great artists like you. You are the blood that keeps the world of beauty going. You are the batteries that jolt the lives and loins of everyone that sees your art. When everything is free, everything's value is lost and greatness like you gets lost in the mediocrity of the market. I want to support greatness. So take my munz and go be awesome. <3

Tip by Starman Jr. November 7 2017
Tip by Katlek November 1 2017

Have dis monis you sexy boy Wish I could give you more

Tip by Cassandra Sakyubasu October 28 2017

Have some Tippies from a suspicious big curvy demon lady~