Announcement: Digital Tip Jar is shutting down on June 30th.

Digital Tip Jar is Closing

Dear Creators and Supporters,

We are announcing the closing of Digital Tip Jar on June 30th, 2019. We started Digital Tip Jar five year ago with a mission. To help creators receive tips in a cashless society. That mission kept us motivated to help as many creators as we could during that time. We want to think every user and organization that has supported us throughout the years.

Why we are closing

Why are we shutting down? We started out as a three man operation and that continued to be true to now. Costs are low and we could sustain for a long time. However, we are only 3 people working in our spare time and making sure to protect our users from fraud has become a full time job. It's not fun and it ruins our reputation. Other companies have entire teams dedicated to these kinds of things and for good reason. Stripe has been invaluable in helping us remediate all situations, but it is still the thing that took up most of our time.

Second, there are many more options today for supporters to send cashless tips to creators. The biggest of which is Patreon. We were around before, but have watched them take over the market. Luckily, their mission is in sync with ours. We recommend our users check out Patreon as a replacement.


As of today we will no longer accept new users. Digital Tip Jar will otherwise work as normal until June 30th, 2019. From there, the site will no longer be available. All tips will be paid to creators as normal. If there are any questions after that, for any outstanding questions.

Thank you all for your support throughout the years!


The Digital Tip Jar Team