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Labratio Saxflap


I am musician and composer from the Chicago area that is passionate about creating and making music available to everyone. I busk in the streets and travel the country (the world sometimes) playing music for free for whoever cares enough to enjoy it. At home, I play in an ever changing gaggle of bands, including Environmental Encroachment, Rum Velvet, Sick Sad World, and a recording project of mine called Skinchanger.

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Labratio Saxflap April 19 2017

Love you. — Grandma & Grandpa G.

Labratio Saxflap April 19 2017

hey boo thx for doing th things u do. — lizmat

Labratio Saxflap April 19 2017

By the power of Pterodactyl Moon, get it my sparkly fucker! — Anonymous

Labratio Saxflap April 19 2017

thank you for bringing music and light to the world! i wish you great sax-cess on your upcoming endeavors <3 — kara

Labratio Saxflap April 13 2017

Don't have a ton myself but I want to support friends in their endeavors! I think you're such a talented musician and composer, and one of the most creative people I know! Keep it up, Labby!! — Mo

Labratio Saxflap April 11 2017