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Labratio Saxflap


I am musician and composer from the Chicago area that is passionate about creating and making music available to everyone. I busk in the streets and travel the country (the world sometimes) playing music for free for whoever cares enough to enjoy it. At home, I play in an ever changing gaggle of bands, including Environmental Encroachment, Rum Velvet, Sick Sad World, and a recording project of mine called Skinchanger.

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Tip by Uncle Bob! August 7 2017

Here's a little something to help you enjoy Marseilles a little more (You can spring for some amazing ice cream for everyone there some night if you like!), or for whatever other projects you may choose to put it towards! Best Wishes

Tip by Grandma & Grandpa G. April 19 2017

Love you.

Tip by lizmat April 19 2017

hey boo thx for doing th things u do.

Tip by Anonymous April 19 2017

By the power of Pterodactyl Moon, get it my sparkly fucker!

Tip by kara April 19 2017

thank you for bringing music and light to the world! i wish you great sax-cess on your upcoming endeavors <3

Tip by Mo April 13 2017

Don't have a ton myself but I want to support friends in their endeavors! I think you're such a talented musician and composer, and one of the most creative people I know! Keep it up, Labby!!

Tip by Anonymous April 11 2017