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I am an activist and commenter I do not monotize my content so if you get something from my content please tip me a buck or 2 Thank you all so much

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Tip by Michele Dehn December 2 2018

You made my day! I am still worried about you and what happened. (Dammit) love and prayers always Jerome. Thank you for sharing your life and wisdom.

Tip by Anonymous November 30 2018
Tip by Anonymous November 30 2018
Tip by Mary Holifield November 29 2018

Jerome, I contacted my cousin Amanda King in Eugene. She will be happy to try and help you find another place and has some good ideas. She's a little wild thing, but sweet as can be. She said she'd be happy to drive you around as well. She says call her 541-579-3240. Good luck and don't be afraid to email me if you need to. Mary

Tip by Michele R Dehn November 11 2018
Tip by Michele R Dehn November 2 2018

I know you need a little extra until the 5th. I think. Love you. You keep up the wonderful videos. It matters

Tip by Michele Dehn October 24 2018

Hang in there!!! You will make it. Get 2 breakfast sandwiches! Lol much love to you and keep up the great work with added outdoor bonuses!!!

Tip by Mary HOLIFIELD October 19 2018

Me thinks you ought to put that message, "I am an activist and commenter. I do not monetize my content..." etc... below your tip jar link in EVERY VIDEO YOU DO. I love your tenacity with doing at least 1 video every day. The City Series is a great idea!

Tip by Anonymous October 13 2018

Thank you so much for lifting up my spirits this glorious day in America. The spirit of America talk and a beautiful bike ride was just what I needed!

Tip by Michele R Dehn October 10 2018

You are truly an inspiration. So glad I found you. I love every video. Thank you Jerome.