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  Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Make fighting game guides and tutorials @ Due to the nature of my content of informative fighting game videos, I will probably never be a very big channel and that's fine. I pride myself in the fact I don't do reaction vids, I don't do clickbait videos like fake rage and all that sort, just the info you need to know! I do stream @ if you would like to give a tip, but would prefer it to be on stream. If you don't want to give a tip that is plenty fine too! The content will keep flowing either way as I continue my journey to help everyone in the best and most rewarding kind of games, fighting games.

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Tip by Doomshroom89 December 18 2018

Team rooflemonger!

Tip by Doomshroom89 December 3 2018

Hey man thanks for everything bro

Tip by Miller DaLite November 6 2018

Thank you for all the content for leveling up while I'm at my job

Tip by Benjelloun Ali October 30 2018

Hey, I just saw your last vid about canada cup. Here's a small tip to help you with ur pc situation. I know it's not a lot but as a college student I really can't do more than this. Cheers

Tip by Anonymous October 30 2018

sucks about the laptop and sticks

Tip by Diego Pinate September 24 2018

Love your content man! Thanks to you Ive gotten better at DBFZ. Please keep it up! Sending good vibes and love. Pz!

Tip by Drew September 18 2018

Watching your guides have been a huge boon to not only understand Dragon Ball FigherZ, but understanding fighting game language. In the past I use to casually play Street Fighter Alpha series and MK9 with my brother, and since moving away from college years ago I still have that hadoken itch and miss my sparing partner to experiment with combos or share notes with. You’ve made some earnestly great videos that make sense of what my brother and I were fumbling over our rounds against each other years ago, and I appreciate the consistency of your content so I know I can learn a new fact each day. Plus, once my beother finally does plays against me in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you’ve done nothing but assured his absolute doom. :)

Tip by Edmundo August 15 2018

Thanks for all of the work you do for us scrubs!

Tip by Anonymous July 1 2018

I've been dropping some pretty dirty shit on my mates, they think I'm a genius but really it's because I watch your videos.

Tip by Joe June 17 2018

Thank you for all the valuable tips and info. Enjoy some good bread :-)