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Daren Thomas Magee

  Ojai, California

I am an independent artist who relies on the support and patronage of people like you to continue creating art and bringing it into the world.

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Daren Thomas Magee's Recent Tips

Tip by Bethany Stoltzfus October 23 2018

I just posted on my business IG (@numiolive) and wanted to tip you! I’m obsessed with your work and will definitely be getting a few of your prints. Thank you for your beautiful art!

Tip by Sabrina October 9 2018

I really appreciate all of the content (work related + personal) that both you + Vyana put out on social media. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Incredibly grateful. Hope you have a good day with your gorgeous + brilliant family.

Tip by Erin October 5 2018

Inspired by your words and images.

Tip by christina September 30 2018

thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

Tip by Naseem September 30 2018

Treat yoself. Thanks for your stellar art.

Tip by Lezher September 21 2018

Thanks for letting us repost!

Tip by marisa September 21 2018

i’m a graduate student or i’d dip more often, but here’s a cup of beacons from me. love and appreciate your work so much, amigo.

Tip by Michelle September 17 2018

Hey friend, still working on finding some retail venues for your work out here in Madison, WI! In the meantime, have a beautiful coffee or two : ) Your work continues to inspire me to think and smile. Thank you!

Tip by Evelina September 14 2018

Loved the post today. Thank you for being an open book and thank you for capturing vague thoughts and feelings I had but couldn’t quite capture or express in your illustrations.

Tip by kelsey a hayden September 14 2018

happy friday, daren! loved your post today! ✨🍄🔮