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Ragnar Oktopod

🐙 I make beautiful PICTURE ! if you love what you see, please drop me a small tip. 🐙 I do COMMISSION for fair price! 💸 $20 one character, $30 two character. $5 discount if you pay in advance. 💸 anything that require special attention may change price. or may be cheaper if you want only black and white or partial! 🐙 tip 💸 SMALL AMOUNT 💸 with request and maybe i do sketch when bored. maybe ! 🐙 THANK YOU 🐙

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Tip by Webber October 7 2018

Oh yeah finish that Peachette art

Tip by Webber October 2 2018

Hey I'd like a Peachette piece, maybe have her doing it cowgirl (also I would prefer it if she wear completely naked)

Tip by Peggy hill August 30 2018

Great post outline and colored on Rule34

Tip by Anonymous August 29 2018
Tip by Sancha August 24 2018