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Peter Hill

  largo, florida

Peter Hill is a seasoned musician with 30 years of preforming experience. A song writer and performer from the age of 9yrs old. Peter Hill currently resides on the west coast of Florida and plays many venues in the west central Florida area. He has signed with ISIS Records in the U.K. and has done tours in England. His Music Is available on ITunes , Amazon and will soon be available on other internet sites. Look for Peter Hill on FaceBook for his latest gigs and, if you have access to a TouchTunes Juke Box you can super search Peter Hill and play his first album "the Fall and Rise of Zeet The Bum". Thank you,Enjoy and have a great day.

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Peter Hill August 24 2016
Peter Hill June 25 2016

Thanks for the for the awesome prehistoric cigarette lighter. Promise we will not burn the dashboard of the car or ants. — The Holly Lama & Nelson Mandela

Peter Hill June 25 2016

--Speed & Take Chances --Stop, Drop, & Roll --Never take wooden nickels...unless the bar takes wooden nickels — Krazyyy Ass Holly &. Nelson Mandela

Peter Hill May 18 2016

Ok dude , Gator'dun and take a drink ! — Stormie Boyer

Peter Hill March 7 2016

Gator'dun — Stormie Boyer

Peter Hill February 21 2016

Gator'dun — Stormie Boyer

Peter Hill February 10 2016
Peter Hill November 5 2015

Take a drink — Stormie

Peter Hill October 8 2015

I love you , Peter Hill Miss you.... — Stormie

Peter Hill September 1 2015

Campin'ter — Your favorite fan, Stormie Boyer