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  Oakland, CA

Support my ongoing work until I get a full-time gig! In the last year, I've continued to do my activism, writing, mentorship, legal guidance, and overall helping folks. I've poured endless hours into organizing my progressive Soviet immigrant/refugee community & creating spaces for connection & healing within it. I've fundraised. I also sacrificed my mental health to try to change ACLU policies on spending "resistance" money on legal services for Nazis holding practice pogroms. That ongoing experience set back my PTSD recovery dramatically. Other than some part-time consulting, all of this has been entirely unpaid since being laid off from my anti-deportation lawyer/organizer job at the end of the year. My unemployment ran out a few days ago & I've signed up as a dog walker as a replacement. I know that many people appreciate what I do even if capitalism doesn't. So, please give a tip to support me if you feel so moved!

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Tip by Олег January 18 2018

Поделись с Владом, а то у меня нет ПэйПэл

Tip by Lana January 11 2018

Femme, thank you for the care and emotional labour you put into holding supportive space for FSU immigrants <3

Tip by Alisa Whitfield January 5 2018

thank u for all the emotional labor and organizing you have helped me with over the past year! smooches.

Tip by Masha Orlova (Masha Oh) January 5 2018

Happy New Years! <3

Tip by Yury December 31 2017

Happy New year! Hope it's a good one for all of us. Keep up the great work!

Tip by Hailey F. December 28 2017

Thank you for your dedication and perseverance!

Tip by Юля Бакер December 27 2017

С Новым годом, дорогая Оленька!

Tip by Sasha Fainberg December 21 2017

You da real MVP. Chmoki from the Midwest.

Tip by David W December 21 2017

Thank you for everything you do!

Tip by Misha December 21 2017

Keep on fighting the good fight!