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Sterling Kato

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Hello! My artist handle is NinjaKato and I am an artist who has been doing their craft for 20+ years. I have a passion for art and I really enjoy uplifting moods, creating emotions, and building stories via my artwork for both myself as well as others. I created this tip jar as a means to give a chance to those who enjoy my work the opportunity to give tip without a committed account (like Patreon). Any and all tips mean the world to me and they will help enable me to continue to grow and pursue my passion :) I post most of my work on -- but I would like to spread to other sites and places as well with time.

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Tip by GalvanMad December 26 2017

toward food, tablet... take care of yourself, Kato.

Tip by Jasper / INDUSTRIAL-SURGERY December 24 2017

I know this isn't much, but Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays in advance, man! ^^

Tip by Prisma December 21 2017

Love you!

Tip by Coldy/Molly December 5 2017

Hey love, I know this isn't a lot at all but I really hope it helps somewhat. I wish I could just magically fix everything for you instead!

Tip by mimi (prospecte) December 4 2017

i know its not much but i hope it helps, if i get anything else i'll be sure to send it your way

Tip by FluffJika October 29 2017
Tip by Anonymous October 18 2016
Tip by Lavendar July 23 2016

I know its not alot, but I hope it helps out!

Tip by Jika June 29 2016
Tip by Zhun June 8 2016