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I am a specialist in traditional arts. I can provide quick sketches or refined illustrations to your specifications in ink, graphite, or colored pencil. I do portraits of pets and family members and concept art for your business or projects.

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Tip by Anonymous February 21 2018

Your reddit work is great, you deserve coffee

Tip by Se7vn November 17 2017

Hi! Thanks for the picture of my puppy! I felt bad asking for a clearer picture, but then I noticed the tip jar. If possible could you send it to my on a DM? Would love to send it to my partner in Australia.

Tip by Mario November 10 2017

Thank you!

Tip by smithtg November 9 2017

Thank you, Vanessa.

Tip by Felisitea November 8 2017

Thank you!

Tip by Anonymous July 28 2017