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Hello! I'm Mrs. Y, the book reviewer. I spend my days reading books to help support authors with reviews. I'd be honored if you left me a tip!

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Mrs.Y's Recent Tips

Tip by John Fennell March 7 2019

Thanks for help all of us. I appreciate it.

Tip by J.T. Blossom February 13 2019

Thanks for supporting struggling authors!

Tip by Charline Ratcliff February 1 2019

Hi Mrs. Y! Here is a donation to cover the Kindle cost of, A Life in the Age of Pompeii, as well as a little bit extra to help you with the purchase of other Indie author books. Thank you for being a book reviewer! There are so many books, and so few reviewers!! Best, Charline Ratcliff

Tip by Francine Garson January 22 2019

Thank you for the important and meaning full service you provide to readers and writers! Sincerely, Francine Garson

Tip by Stephen Cleath January 9 2019
Tip by Joanne Paulson January 8 2019

Carry on reviewing, Mrs. Y!

Tip by Scott Roche January 8 2019

Go get some!

Tip by Cheryl January 8 2019