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Captain Midnight Band

The Captain Midnight Band creates "Water Bed Rock & Roll" for the mind, booty, and soul. Crunchy Rock Guitar, Soaring Vocal Harmonies, and thick R&B grooves create a sonic landscape for the band's suggestive, Sci-Fi imagery and improvisational interplay. Formed in New Orleans in 2003, The Captain Midnight Band stays true to the Crescent City's celebratory heritage. Their shows are usually sweaty, throbbing events, interspersed with humor, eroticism, and epic jams. Flattering comparisons to genre-defying acts such as P-Funk, Frank Zappa, and Ween are evident in the band's approach to expressing their true evolving nature, but its the relationship between band and crowd that truly fuel the freakout. The tone of each show is mostly dictated by that night's particular audience, upping the ante for nightly weirdness!

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