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We work really hard to make sure that Lebanon, Oregon is getting good information, without a lot of nonsense. The Buzz in Lebanon, Oregon takes a lot of time and effort (and no small amount of patience). We also use the local, independent bookstore to promote community activities and involvement: with free wi-fi, small group events, live music, and community show-cases, we do our best to leverage whatever we have to help the community. Currently, we're living off about one -fifth of minimum wage (only counting the hours that the bookstore is actually open. There's no way we could keep track of all of it. And, we wouldn't want to. We just want to do whatever we can to make Lebanon a better place. So, people have asked how they can offer us a little support. Here's how. We've learned a long time ago that a little bit can go a long way- and just knowing you appreciate us does wonders.

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