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Providing the web with music, art, and dance fitness routines! Eternally grateful for anyone who gives a crud about my work, and contributes to this so I can keep the content flowin' & accessible without stressing so much about website/LLC/music distribution fees.

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Tip by Nikkilette June 22 2019

You are the BEST! Thank you for doing this, I’ve missed your classes so much.

Tip by Alicia May 23 2019

So impressed with the work you do! Keep it up! (Also, you just got my best friend hooked last Saturday!)

Tip by Anonymous April 25 2019
Tip by Dee March 14 2019

Thanks for putting up this website and for keeping me feeling young!

Tip by Splenda February 27 2019

Really proud of you and the powerful impact you make on my life and so many other lives. Missing you greatly! This is for the website but also maybe a few ice coffees now and then too