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Ludwig Van Bacon Art

  Senoia GA

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Ludwig Van Bacon Art's Recent Tips

Tip by Christopher McElprang June 7 2019

Great work!!

Tip by Cash M March 22 2019
Tip by Mari <3 February 7 2019

Just because I keep sharing your stuff in FB. Temporary licensing? 💜

Tip by Suzy February 1 2019

Your work is amazing. I can't afford any but I really do love looking at it. ☺️

Tip by Angela January 30 2019

I think what you do is truly unique so here’s a tip to help keep things afloat. I appreciate how you celebrate pop culture, body types and lifestyles. Thank you for being an original!

Tip by Blair Crowley January 30 2019

I love your artwork, and I want to purchase so much of it but I’m actually out of work atm but still want to give you something. You’re a really cool guy and I was glad I got the chance to meet you and bring Madeline with me. You’re so cool and sweet, keep being that way.

Tip by Ms. Pringles January 30 2019

"Paint me like one of your French Girls"

Tip by Anonymous January 30 2019

Your work makes my Facebook feed more fun! Thanks for sharing.

Tip by Cindi Garrison January 30 2019

This is great!! I can't purchase actual pieces from you yet, but at least I can do this! There are so many I want... 😳

Tip by Dean Bann January 30 2019

Love your work! I own a half dozen t-shirts with your art and I have two tattoos of your art. I get a lot of compliments on both and always direct them your way. Keep it up, man!