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We are currently creating the fetish game predator coliseum. Reward tiers. 1$ or more year book (you will always get it) 5$ small npc appearance. 10$ medium Npc (conversation with Claire). 20$ Big Npc appearance (think shop keeper or multi path conversation, part of side quest or optional prey for one girl of your choice). 50$ audience participation + medium NPC (we need reasons for why your character is there). Disclaimer: Any character chosen for the reward tiers have to be a character owned by you or that you have explicit permission to use. We also reserve the right to refuse any rewards to people who we feel are too difficult to work with. Hopefully everyone will be nice an no problems will occur, making this line obsolete.

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Tip by SirH4Ku( 1H4Ku ) February 10 2018
Tip by Petz22 February 10 2018

thanks for making such an awesome game. I admire your dedication and your will to keep making it better and better, as well the fact that you guys always listen to the community. Coupled with the fact that I have now spent 60+ hours (just testing and having fun), and I then have a reason to give you the equevalent of the cost of a triple A game, as I have spent just as much time on this game as the bigger A games. I look forward to see what you have planned for the future! Best regards ~ Petz22