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Elf trap <3 18, Australia, probably sleeping in thigh socks <3 Money will go towards cute outfits, hrt and food <3

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Tip by Moises June 17 2018
Tip by Moises June 17 2018

Hey beautiful this is for the bat outfit video;)

Tip by king June 17 2018
Tip by Haden Swagerty June 16 2018
Tip by daniel conroy June 16 2018

Hello Lolicyanide, I was told to contact you. My email is below. Thank You for allowing me to tip You!

Tip by Anonymous June 11 2018
Tip by sarge June 11 2018
Tip by Anonymous June 10 2018

Don't let anyone tell you your not beautiful

Tip by DarTxeez June 10 2018
Tip by BBR123 June 10 2018