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Live at Willie’s House is a live, weekly, web based show out of Orlando, FL that showcasees bands of all styles, primarily from the Central Florida area. Interviews and in-studio performances are aired weekly and are always live. Hosted by Willie Kissling and Tommy Ditolla, Two career/working musicians that have years of experience within the local and nationwide music industry. They have taken to the screen to not only promote the local music scene, but also to give the viewer a real and honest experience that rivals actually being there and hanging with the band. Viewers are encouraged to call in and interact with their favorite bands. The show has gathered attention from many local and national bands and fans alike. What seemed like a “flash in pan” has become one of the most talked about shows in the Central Florida music scene. The show airs in blocks of 13 episodes with 2 week breaks in between “Seasons”, Tuesday’s at 8pm on Facebook Live.

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Tip by Thomas & Susan Watkins July 23 2018

You rock! Loving what you're doing to promote and support music.

Tip by Dennis Adams June 20 2018

Another great show!

Tip by Anonymous May 30 2018

Thanks for bringing this show for us 🤘

Tip by Ira Bostian May 30 2018

Keep Rockin; boys!!! Love the show. Watching ROXX with ya now. My favorite central Florida original music act.

Tip by Kathy White May 23 2018
Tip by Dennis Adams May 23 2018
Tip by Dennis Adams May 16 2018


Tip by Kathy White May 16 2018

Awesome show, guys!

Tip by Toxic May 16 2018

Great show!