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  Southern California, USA

Hi fans! Honey I love you so much! I love song requests so please send anything you'd like to hear my way. I sincerely appreciate your support. It is you all that keeps me alive! Sing you soon, Lele Rose

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LELE ROSE's Recent Tips

Tip by trip_nn March 21 2018

you’re really awesome

Tip by wil sonet December 23 2017

stay awesome!

Tip by trip December 1 2017

awesome, miss!!

Tip by wil sonet November 15 2017


Tip by @bagpipercharlie September 19 2017

Thank you Lele for making our Monday brighter!

Tip by richards_drawings September 14 2017

you're very talented... thank you!!

Tip by Fitzzer. September 14 2017

Thank you! It was better than all my expectations. The arrangement was superb.. The song has a special meaning to me. You rekindled the memories and feelings from many years ago. You are very kind. Much love and respect.

Tip by Walker Texas September 11 2017

Thank you.

Tip by richards_drawings September 10 2017

you're amazing!!

Tip by Walker Texas August 24 2017

Lele, I'm so glad I came across your scope It's like doing side effect free dope But really though I just have to say I could listen to you every single day So many others feel the same way too Like when you sing Honey, I love you. Keep doing your thing and lifting us up Heaven above will keep filling your cup There's a song I know you'd sing really great It's Bob Dylans' Simple Twist of Fate If I heard you sing it I'd be so happy Even more than these rhymes are sappy And one more thing Have a great day.