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  Southern California, USA

Hi fans! Honey I love you so much! I love song requests so please send anything you'd like to hear my way. I sincerely appreciate your support. It is you all that keeps me alive! Sing you soon, Lele Rose

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Tip by Fitzzer August 17 2017

I know this is an old Eagles Song, but I would love to someday hear you sing the song "Love Will Keep Us Alive." I think this song is one of the most romantic songs written. With your deep passion and that special way you make each song your own I think it would be amazing. I will be understanding if you decide not to sing it. You have the "it" factor. You are just undiscovered superstar talent. I can't wait for your time when you will be selling out performances.

Tip by wil sonet August 12 2017

your 'house of the rising sun' blew me away!!!

Tip by DRR August 3 2017

I catch you on Periscope & I'm always better for it. Love your work. Come down South sometime & share your talent with Charleston SC.

Tip by wil sonet July 28 2017

that was friggin awesome!

Tip by wil_sonet July 13 2017

love you!

Tip by wil sonet July 11 2017

two words ... awe some!!!

Tip by wil sonet June 24 2017

thank you miss Lele!!

Tip by wil sonet June 22 2017

thank you miss Lele!!!!!!!

Tip by wil sonet June 21 2017

you're super awesome!!!

Tip by wil sonet June 4 2017

i have to use the name on my card ... but this comes from wil sonet