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I'm a small time casual avatar creater for VR Chat. Thank you for coming by and I hope you enjoyed something I made!

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Tip by alexander ulrey March 22 2018

Here's money for sea of thieves

Tip by Anonymous March 22 2018

I just wanted to give you what I think is enough for the model, is 120 enough?

Tip by Die Sache March 11 2018

Here is some money I've made on the side, gotta start the twitch con savings somewhere!

Tip by Die Sache March 4 2018

For being such a helpful friend. I don't think you can understand how glad I am to have met you guys that night at the camp fire. so here, I just got a big bonus from work and I couldn't think of a better person to share it with <3. take this as a contribution to twitch con, get yo self a leg tracker, or shit just take autumn out for a nice dinner ;) use it as you please you beautiful man.

Tip by KutoWatch February 25 2018

ily dude

Tip by alexander tunnel snake leader February 24 2018

now go buy it please

Tip by Benanator February 22 2018

Ayee. Thank you so much. I love it.

Tip by Wiilllly February 18 2018

Yay! It does work! Here's to your continued particle effect education! I love you my dude <3

Tip by Wiilllly February 18 2018

Does this work now? :3