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I make 3D art based off of World of Warcraft. Most of it is smutty!

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Tip by Lady Darliane March 8 2018

Hello Kael, how are you? Hope you're doing fine! I just wanted to support you by dropping this 50$. You've earned it, sweetie! PS: This is absolutely not a bribe to make you feature Kaela in her beautiful red Sin'dorei bikini in your next art or as next month's girl! But on a serious note, I hope this measly 50$ can help you. I'd be extremely happy if you could get yourself a vanilla cheesecake using my 50$! See you in patreon~ *Kisses*

Tip by Alex December 4 2017


Tip by Alex December 4 2017


Tip by Anonymous November 2 2017

That's for the blood elf Footjob