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Joanna Tse, known as "JustAnotherFlutist" on YouTube with a following of over 35,000 subscribers, is a flutist, online video content creator, and online flute instructor based in Seattle, Washington. Her online videos consist of topical discussions, video blogs, tutorials, and online flute and music theory courses on YouTube and She is also partnered with the Flute Center of New York, and together, they create monthly flute review videos on JustAnotherFlutist. She received her master's degree in flute performance from San Francisco State University under the tutelage of Linda Lukas and has been invited back to her alma mater, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, to give seminars and talks concerning musical entrepreneurship in the digital age.

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Tip by Brook Boddie July 1 2018

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! You inspired me to dig out my 30 year-old flute/piccolo and see if my chops still work. You also helped me choose a new flute by reminding me what makes a flute top notch. Again, thank you!!

Tip by M April 1 2018


Tip by kathy otani March 30 2018

thank you !!

Tip by Anonymous March 17 2018

No idea if the last tip sent. But doesn't really matter. Hope it goes towards your savings for your Piccolo and equipment!

Tip by Kenneth Drew March 12 2018

Hey Joanna I just want to say thank you for what you do. You pretty much have inspired me to pick the flute up again after a number of years now. I plan on getting it through FCNY so you can benefit there as well. Keep up the good work and I think you are quite an amazing person!

Tip by Melanie Work January 14 2018

I thoroughly enjoy your YouTube videos. It’s so fun to see someone else who likes to nerd out on all things flute, and who has channeled that passion into a unique career. I appreciate the truth of your insights as a professional musician and teacher. I hope you keep it up!

Tip by Kat Dorrough January 6 2018

Was trying to send a larger amount last time lol....but it only sent $20 so I’m trying this again

Tip by Kat Dorrough January 6 2018