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Jordan Renzi

  Continental US

Dear Friends, Here you can put tips in our jar from wherever you are! Every dollar or happy thought counts. - Love Jordan

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Jordan Renzi's Recent Tips

Tip by Christopher M. Harvey March 22 2018

Jordan you are a ray of sunlight which shines over the people you encounter. Thank you for saying hello to my brother and I! Keep up all the hard work itโ€™ll pay off in the end.

Tip by Anonymous March 17 2018

cuz i love ya!

Tip by Sky Freyss-Cole March 8 2018

Happy touring! XOXO

Tip by Dianne Good March 7 2018

All the best On your way to bring d i discovered!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Tip by Cody March 7 2018

Looks like a great time !!!! :)

Tip by Lori March 5 2018

Am I the first? Don't spend all in one place! LOL!! LOVE YOU <3