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John Kyle

  Portland, ME

John Kyle is a uniquely engaging singer/songwriter with a dark poet vibe who's been compared to Neil Young and R.E.M. He's gone from busking in Harvard Square for a living to performing music festivals songwriter showcases across the US and Canada. Influenced by melancholy and meaningful music from all genres, John's acoustic-guitar centered songs, both somber and soaring, capture John's ethos of making music to form deep connections by showing people that they’re not alone in the dark and there's a reason for hope. In his own words, John's songwriting process is organic and straight from the heart – “I don’t set out to write a song about this or that. My songs seem to rise on their own out of somewhere, and I just try to let the meaning and the message reveal itself, in music and words. When I'm performing - sharing these songs - I feel them down to my core because that’s where they come from.”

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