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Joe Hogan

  New York

Illustrator and Digital Artist that loves to make cool shit for you to enjoy!

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Joe Hogan's Recent Tips

Tip by Forestdump August 10 2017

Heres 10 bucks get your self a beer man. I like how you did the zombie clone troopers they look great i dont know if its to late but it would be cool to see ford pop some zombie heads lol.

Tip by Marcus December 31 2016

Just found out about your work and saw Siren of Dathomir, it was great! Extremely excited for Panic Over Muunilinst, will be following all your work going forward man!

Tip by Noah Stockmann September 17 2016

Glad to help in any way I can Mr. Hogan. The Star Wars universe is fortunate to have someone of your skill and dedication at its side. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your end results.

Tip by Captain Fordo June 15 2016

Keep up the good work.

Tip by Joey June 15 2016