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Ivan's Shady Existence's Recent Tips

Tip by adrian January 14 2019

Daddy Ivan, you are our new favourite channel... keep up the amazing work, and remember the beef..... it's beef o'clock! Adrian & Nat

Tip by BenkethePirate January 8 2019

I started watching your videos as I had second thoughts about Jordan Peterson and his bullshit Jungian world philosophy. Thanks for the great and informative vidoes on Soviet Union, Buddhism and mantal illness. I don't earn much so here's a small tip from me. Greeting from Poland!

Tip by Aaron December 13 2018

Recently watched the video describing how you shot off Stefan MolyanPueaux’s penis. He is a sick evil bastard. Luckily The Bell Curve could protect his junk. Thank you for your videos my friend. I have really enjoyed them.

Tip by Aaron Stalley November 30 2018

Arby sandwiches and Pepsi on me this week my Dad. Love your work.

Tip by elise November 20 2018

excellent dissertation re: the fall of the soviet union. i lived through it and your account rings true. we all see things through our own lens based on our personal experience and our current circumstances. good job! i enjoy your vids. i found you when searching"stefan meloneux is dangerous"

Tip by KaceyRepublic October 5 2018

Can't afford to add another Patreon, but I love your content and wanted to give you a little something. Sorry it's not much I'm Australian(exchange rate) and unemployed. xxxo

Tip by Anonymous September 29 2018

Most refreshing content on this "culture war" crap I've seen in years.

Tip by honoured woman September 17 2018