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I.M. Unlocked is an online FB Live Web Series that features new music releases from Dallas Fort Worth and beyond Artists/Bands. The shows theme is a Live single release party, which will include debuting 1 brand new music single, an interview and live interactive art by these musicians. And yes, it is indeed a party. The show is a platform to bring our creative community together. The show is a platform to introduce the world to new innovative independent music. We are unlocking the creative force that is Indie Music. The show also features the work of Painters, Clothing Designers, Sculptors, Visual Artists etc. There is food, drinks, fun, and an unfiltered, untamed celebration of Life, Art, Music and Love. But our journey wont just stop in Dallas. Our goal is to expand into the other markets around the U.S. and the world. I.M. Unlocked (Independent, Innovative, International Music Unlocked).

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Tip by Paula Anderson September 29 2018

Wishing you and all the other artists success.

Tip by Sonya Jevette September 27 2018

Keep Rocking the stage.

Tip by Tiffany Latimer September 27 2018

Love yall!!!

Tip by Kate September 27 2018

Get it!!!

Tip by Jennifer lee September 27 2018
Tip by Chakara September 27 2018

Love you Dad!

Tip by Jordan September 27 2018

This moon loves yall

Tip by FRANKLIN TATTOO & September 27 2018


Tip by Anonymous September 26 2018