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  Bronx, New York

My life is a living art project. I share music, visual work and writing with the hope that what I create and share will inspire. I also devote much time to creating situations for other artists to gain exposure and do the same, (FreeHiphopNow, PayUsNoMind, BondfireRadio, #CreativesNeedSupport) Making it possible for creators to earn income doing what they were born to do. I'm not big on asking for people to fund my ventures, but have no problem making it possible for those with interest to do so. I appreciate these contributions. Every cent counts. Money is energy! By making an energy exchange with me you help to fuel #theconsciousness as well as the #clearthoughtmovement that extends to hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs. It's more than just helping Conscious out. It's way bigger than me. You help me continue to build communities on/offline, furthering awareness about creative beings who need the world to see, hear and feel them.

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