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Tip by Meanestbean December 15 2018

Through, professional, and well informed. A rare breed. Thank-you.

Tip by jeff garcia December 6 2018

Merry Christmas thanks for all you do

Tip by jeffrey garcia November 7 2018

Thanks again you work so hard I wish I could give more so I will whenever I can I woke up and found you received even more of the same. I will let you know if Mr Nunes office gets back to me

Tip by Janie October 15 2018

I enjoy your commentaries very much. I love Thomas and Betsy also. Thank you for all you do. I look anxiously look forward to your daily videos! ❤❤ I wish I could give more but I am on disability and have to stretch that check each month.

Tip by Anonymous October 14 2018
Tip by Rockdog August 10 2018


Tip by Barton Record July 24 2018

Very refreshing! Keep up the good work.

Tip by miia dagostino June 30 2018

thanks for all your hard work. your voice is very soothing and helpful. that was the worst stuff i've ever learned at once and if it wasn't you telling the story it might have been much more traumatizing. As it was, i still ended up crying uncontrollably yesterday morning. I worked on the streets of bangalore india when i was a young man, where i thought i saw the ugliest side of humanity, but it was nothing compared to this. I don't know what to do about my jewish childhood friends. They are going to have a horrendous time with this. I can't help wondering if the guilty would rather destroy the world than be shamed and locked up by us.

Tip by Anonymous June 20 2018

Keep going

Tip by Anonymous June 16 2018

You’re my favorite news commentator. You need to reach a larger audience. How can that be accomplished? God bless you.