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Tip by R. N. Merfeld (nickinak) March 16 2019

Your voice is a clear beacon of light that cuts through the fog of lies and deception, much appreciated.

Tip by NICOLAI PELENTSOV March 12 2019

THANK YOU, i am worried about TRUMP, hes the best u.s. has, yet he seems to sorround himself with scary people, A180, is NWO, GLOBALIST stuff, I know he has the voting base now, and is he comfy with the ELITES NOW....

Tip by Anonymous March 8 2019

Found your site thanks to someone linking to you. Have enjoyed your researched news and commentary. You are a no nonsense voice in the wilderness, much like Nancy Morgan Hart herself. I see that "you tube" has shut you down. Will pray that another avenue becomes available to you. Take care.

Tip by Michael Sweney March 5 2019

I would like to give more, but we are trying to out of debt. Now I have to pay the IRS an additional $2000. But I wanted to let you know, that I do appreciate what you do.

Tip by Jeff Garcia January 29 2019

Thank You I hope you soon have something funny to post just to lighten the mood..Maybe start out with some serious dark mood music then put on Keystone Cops...HAHA

Tip by Dan January 23 2019

Keep up the great work. And Thank you!

Tip by jeff A garcia January 10 2019

Sorry I am late with my monthly tuition payment...Especially when I think of the valuable learning I get out of it...And some laughs as well

Tip by Brent Damman December 31 2018

I am awaiting to take necessary action to save our Republic from the SES/British Monarchs.

Tip by mike lisanke December 25 2018

<3 Headlines With a Voice... You are my daily source of what's really happening in our very political world... Thank you, Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year!

Tip by Meanestbean December 15 2018

Through, professional, and well informed. A rare breed. Thank-you.