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Ginger Leigh

  Austin, Texas

Ginger Leigh rocks out with the best of them; ax-swinging, sweatin', groovin', beltin' chanteuse. She can make your jaw drop like no other, ripping your heart out with anthem-style ballads. She can crack you up with her Ellen-style dry wit, her old-school-Bette stage antics, classy and crass. She can make her fingers bleed on her guitar strings, yet she can be as gentle as a jazz singer in a smokey NYC bar. She is Adult Contemporary/Pop/Rock, yet she is Jazz, Rock, Latin, She is one-of-a-kind, sexy and funny. A female-Elvis-like chanteuse, Ginger is a smart artist, a business woman, a music-maker, a recording artist, a writer, an actress, a hostess and a stage-lover who goes unchallenged and who is uniquely made up of nothing but pure love, hard work, unbeatable talent and unstoppable drive.

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Tip by Randy Mann June 25 2017

I just returned from seeing the band blow up The Saxon Pub. That was about the tenth time I've seen them and this surpassed them all. If I wasn't just a retired civil servant, I would leave a bigger tip. They set the fucking woods on fire.

Tip by Bear & Amy March 18 2017

Miss You - Love You - See you soon! Keep Rockin!!

Tip by Keith Clark March 14 2017

with my best wishes.

Tip by Petri March 13 2017
Tip by Mark E. March 12 2017

Go Slay 'em......hopefully we can be there too.

Tip by Anonymous March 11 2017
Tip by ROM D March 11 2017


Tip by Joe March 11 2017
Tip by Lena March 11 2017

I wish you good luck!

Tip by David C Galvan March 10 2017

You always have my support!