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Frank Teacher

I write, I blog.

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Tip by P1erre112 May 13 2019
Tip by YupFaggot May 5 2019

Your page provides rare faggot advice, FaggotMaster. Too many cum dump faggots don't get what service to an Alpha is all about. Just being of service what it's all about. Pure service.

Tip by TPQ April 29 2019
Tip by Danny April 29 2019
Tip by Jackfroth111 April 26 2019

First session

Tip by Jackfroth111 April 22 2019

Thank You for guiding faggots like me Sir

Tip by faggotpisspuppy (tumblr) April 21 2019

Thank You for your faggot lessons, Sir, i have found them helpful and they have improved my faggot lifestyle.

Tip by Anonymous April 17 2019
Tip by germanfag4straight April 13 2019

please enjoy your coffee, SIR.

Tip by shelby384 from tumblr April 11 2019