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Tip by CM June 7 2019

Borzoi: I think a good idea for a Poz button is Demolition Man, that was a pretty good movie.

Tip by BCBFWP June 5 2019

Really appreciate what you guys do, one of my favorite shows

Tip by BCBFWP June 4 2019


Tip by AleppoSniper May 31 2019

Literally nobody cares about climate change, INCLUDING *DEMOCRATS*. Bernie trying to make that his go-to attack against Biden could not possibly be more of a failing strategy Go scroll through TYTs videos and compare the number of views that stuff about climate change gets to their videos about war, corruption, abortion or the economy. It's just absurd. All their stuff on AGW gets at most half or very often even just a fifth of the views that their videos about other topics If this is what Bernie (who I was fairly sure would win the nomination) wants to keep harping on and on about in order to counter Bidens astroturfed rise in the polls, then we might just as well call this primary already and declare it over

Tip by John May 31 2019

Great show guys!

Tip by Nick_X May 31 2019

Fat, millennial bugman, with a cuck beard wearing a fake retro Street Fighter top, chucking a £5.25, Five Guys Milkshake at a soft, neo-liberal, centre right politician who in the mind of this neckbeard is the next Hermann Göring in waiting. 50 years ago, this fat fuck would have been chased down the street followed by a volley of things that wouldn't cost £5.25. Why is it not apparent to the bourgeois bugman that they do not represent the working class or average folk, or if you think they are aware they don't represent the working class - Do you think their asinine milkshaking statement of faux-rebellion is simply a way to acquire jazzhands upcummies on twatter.

Tip by Elegy Records May 31 2019

I used to go talk to Hal turner all the time back in the day, he was normal until he got onto his radio show, he also ratted on James McManus from the aryan nations. He was a rat and in the end his handlers ended up poisoning the rat’s cheese. Watch who you deal with

Tip by Tam May 30 2019
Tip by Tam May 24 2019

to what Ahab was saying earlier about the nerd vs jock bullshit: “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”

Tip by Anonymous May 24 2019