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Tip by Cherry April 12 2019

Thanks for the show. Any thoughts on Technocracy? It seems like the system we are being herded into.

Tip by Tam April 11 2019
Tip by Elegy Records April 6 2019

Hails brothers, came into the stream late but still wanted to show my support. Stay strong!

Tip by Nick X April 4 2019

On the question of the increasing censorship phenomenon - It's very noticeable to me that whilst the internationalist elite want freedom of movement they simultaneously want restriction of ideas - The two seem to be inextricably linked - As immigration increases, so, it appears, does censorship - Would you agree that this is because the only way to make mass migration work, is through silencing those who question it?

Tip by Nick X April 4 2019

Hey Morgoth - Geordie here too - You're doing us proud putting these neo-liberal, globalist radgies in their place - Keep it up! Also, please order the following entities in severity of your disdain - Marxists, Muslims, Mike Ashley & Mackems.

Tip by Frank April 4 2019