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Tip by Tam May 24 2019

to what Ahab was saying earlier about the nerd vs jock bullshit: “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”

Tip by Anonymous May 24 2019
Tip by Eormanric Gutum May 18 2019

Someone with more money/power/influence than me should coordinate a medieval warrior open-world videogame set in a northern-wonderland where you have to save your people from subversive goblins and their invading golem. It'd be a great propaganda service. Plenty of young men, me included, would be willing to learn the necessart skills and contribute I'd bet. NEETS RUSE UP.

Tip by Ian Moone May 18 2019

What advice do you guys have for the younger guys in the audience? Any action do you recommend us to take or "traps" to avoid?

Tip by Nick_X May 18 2019

These revolutionary tranny fish twats give a whole new meaning to the term Bearded Clam. But seriously though, look on the positive side, when they also learn to transplant fish wombs, trans abortions will now result in plummeting prices on McDonalds filet-o-fish. See Striker, libertarian capitalism solves everything. Although, On the negative side, contracting crabs just became a lot more painful. All I know, is that like any good 21st century neon nazi, when these pike-pussied transfish wamens finally achieve equality with their privledged cis-gendered sisters to have their human-fry hybrid vaccuumed out of their fuck pocket, so they too can celebrate their abortion, I'll be setting up a revolutionary new Gefiltefish company. Shalom Goyim.

Tip by Tam May 18 2019
Tip by siege919 May 17 2019

A lot of ethnicities that once claimed white for the perceived privilege are now disassociating, do you ever see Italians, Greeks, or Eastern Europeans such as Poles or Hungarians doing the same?

Tip by Tam May 17 2019
Tip by Nick_X May 11 2019

Has Striker ever seen any of the Adam Curtis documentaries about neoonservativism, capitalism, advertising and marketing etc? There's a brilliant one about Edward Bernays called The Century of the Self - It's on youtube - Also really love the historical stuff Striker did with Enoch on Ayan Rand and Emma Goldman - An episode on Edward Bernays and the beginnings of jewish marketing would be much appreciated.

Tip by PongLenis May 11 2019

I would love to share my political views with my girlfriend, show her my favorite books, websites, videos and so on, but I’m terrified of how she may react, her friends finding out one day, trying to get in her head and pressuring her to “dump that fucking racist,” or what could happen if things go south, we break up and she decides to ruin my life. It sucks to be in a relationship with someone and keep all this stuff to yourself, but, like Roosh said, once the attraction is gone, she will turn into a whole different person, and that is deebly goncerning. Advice? How do you guys deal with relationships?