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Lilli Lewis / LLP

  New Orleans, LA

Lilli Lewis is an award-winning, classically trained singer/songwriter who began composing at the age of three. The social justice themes and human rights messages that filter into her lyrics, as well as her gospel-tinged vocals and instrumentation are a direct result from her upbringing spent listening to her father's sermons and southern choirs while learning the northern sensibilities of her civil rights activist mother. Equal parts unassuming and fearless, her band The Lilli Lewis Project (or LLP) is a stirring rhythm and soul orchestra of depth, girth and decibels that delivers innovative, soulful music that will never go out of style.

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Tip by Jo May 5 2019

Radical decency T

Tip by jansen April 27 2019

for cds and you all being butiful decent beings

Tip by Anonymous January 10 2019

First live music we heard in New Orleans, thanks for the wonderful time!

Tip by Lee December 30 2018


Tip by Sara November 6 2018

Cafe Negril 11/5